Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Introduction to Article Marketing

Article Marketing is essentially writing and distributing short articles to a variety of outlets, including article directories, forums, and newsletter publishers. Article marketing is one of the most effective types of marketing that one can do – it is also one of the least expensive ways to market a business. In fact, it can even be free, costing you nothing more than your time.

There are many benefits to article marketing. Because articles become viral, your message literally travels everywhere, increasing traffic to your website. If you have an opt-in form on your website, some of this traffic can be converted into subscribers, allowing you to build your list.

Article marketing can also be used to make sales and to build credibility. For example, you can use article marketing to promote an affiliate product.

How would you do this? Let’s say that your online business focuses on the topic of weight loss. First, you need to find a good weight loss eBook that has an affiliate program. You can find many excellent eBooks that have affiliate programs on web sites like “Clickbank.” Just search “weight loss” on Clickbank to find many great weight loss eBooks with affiliate programs.

Now, to promote this affiliate product, you would write a weight loss article that is closely related to this affiliate product – but you don’t want to necessarily advertise the product in the article. Instead, you want your article to address a problem that the affiliate product can help to solve – without mentioning the product. The article should be no more than 750 words and should have a compelling title. You also want to make sure you add a popular keyword related to weight loss several times throughout your article. This will help it rank better in the search engines. To determine a good keyword, I suggest you use a keyword popularity tool. Here are two good, free keyword popularity tools:

If you find results >200 (but not really large), then that should

be a good keyword/keyword phrase to use throughout your article.

If you find results between 10,000-100,000, then that should be a good keyword/keyword phrase to use throughout your article.

You can use one of the keyword popularity tools to double check good keyword results from the other keyword popularity tool. You should add your keyword/keyword phrase in your article’s title and at least 6 times throughout your article.

So, you now have your weight loss article written. How do you get readers of your article to then see and possibly buy related affiliate product? Well, at the bottom of your article, you would include an author’s resource box. This is basically a block of text, made up of one paragraph that is anywhere from five to seven lines long. In this paragraph, you might say something like this:


John Doe is a weight loss expert who has helped hundreds of people get and keep weight off. You can find more valuable weight loss information and help at his website, John Doe’s Weight Loss Secrets, located at http://www.johndoe.com/weightloss.html.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

On that webpage (http://www.johndoe.com/weightloss.html in the example above), you would create a short review of the weight loss eBook you selected on  ClickBank (describing the pros and cons, etc.). You would then add your affiliate link several times throughout the review. Since these people reading your short review are interested in weight loss (they just read your article about weight loss), it is likely that they will check out your affiliate product and seriously consider buying it.

As you can see, this is a very effective way to use articles to advertise sell affiliate products, since the article traffic you are receiving to your website is highly targeted traffic, aka, people that are very interested in the topic your affiliate product is about (in this example - weight loss).

Now that you know a couple ways to use articles to market your online business, let’s talk about distributing your articles. Distributing an article can be a very time consuming task. Many people outsource this work, and pay a fee for someone else to do the distribution work. Other’s do it themselves using software that automates the process.

You should distribute your article to article directories. There are hundreds of these in existence, and some are better than others. For these directories, you will need your article, the title, possibly a subtitle, your author’s resource box, your website URL, your email address, a short description of your article, and a list of keywords, separated by commas, for your article.

So, you would visit each article directory, either sign up for a new account or log in, and copy and paste all of the information into a form that is provided for article submissions. Most article directories have a manual approval process, so it may take a week or more before your article appears on their website.

Here is a list of some excellent article directories to submit your articles to:

Once you have submitted your article to the article directories, you will want to distribute your article to e-zine publishers that cover topics within your niche. You can build your own database of these publishers. You can find them by visiting e-zine directories, such as The E-zine Directory.

Look first for e-zines in your niche, and then check each e-zine to see if they accept articles. Load those article submission email addresses into your auto responder, and each time you write a new article, send it to these publishers, asking them to publish the article.

Next, you should visit forums that are related to your target market. If your niche is weight loss, then visit weight loss forums, and look to see if they have a place for articles. If so, submit your article there. If not, post the article on your own website, and then become an active member in the forum. To find forums related to the topic of your article, just perform a search in Google like “your topic + forum”, where you replace “your topic” with the topic of your article. So, if your article is about weight loss, you would enter “weight loss + forum” into Google.

It is perfectly acceptable to make a post and say that you have an article about a topic (weight loss, etc.) on your website, and leave the link directly to the article. Just make sure that your post is relevant and on topic, and that your article provides useful information that is also relevant. Also, make sure you add an opt-in form to the webpage that contains your article, that way you can capture email addresses of forum members, to  build your list is critical for maximizing your profits from article marketing.

All of this is essentially what article marketing is, and how it is done, however, there is a great deal more to learn and know about article marketing in order to become successful at it.

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