Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to Dominate the Internet with Expert Content Development & Marketing

Edward Brown, M.S.

I recently heard an interesting statement about human nature as exemplified by today’s society. It was a spin on the biblical parable about teaching a man how to fish, so that he could eat for a lifetime. Meaning, if a person has a skill set, he is better able to feed himself by being compensated for the specialized work that he provides.  However, this new observation suggests that people, not only don’t want to learn how to fish, but also they want someone else to bring the fish to them, already cooked.   

If we apply this thinking to information gathering and critical analysis, it means that although the Internet is supposed to democratize education, many people want the information to be broken down and disseminated in ways that they can easily digest.

This opportunity created by a lack of personal initiative and ambition, allows you to become master of your intellectual domain. If you can create unique and original information within specialized industries, you can become a force to be reckoned with.

There are a few steps that you can take to become a content developer as well as content marketer.

First, review the processes and best practices within your industry. Based on your education and experience, what are the most pressing concerns? Because you have a personal connection to that industry, you have an eye for the subtle nuances that outsiders could overlook. By addressing and tackling compelling issues, you bring core problems to the surface that would otherwise go unresolved.

Second, begin developing content about your insights into how the problems came about and what can be done about eradicating them.  People within your industry will take notice, because you are creating dialog through content that help organizations become more solution based.  The Internet allows you to create your own media. A blog is your newspaper. A podcast is your radio station. You Tube is your TV station. And Amazon Kindle is your book publisher.  You now have a media ecosystem.     

Third, establish yourself as a subject matter expert by consistently developing content within your media ecosystem.  Once you begin the process, ideas begin to feed on themselves organically.  The greatest benefit of the Internet is the perpetuity of information. Once you create an article, video, blog or podcast, it’s permanently a part of the Internet landscape.  This is important, because by remaining within your niche, it’s easier to set yourself apart from mere generalists. Not only are people searching for relevant information, but insightful analysis that is thought provoking and engaging.

Finally, psychologists say that humans are pattern-seeking animals. We look for roadmaps for understanding our environment.  Those individuals, who are best at identifying and analyzing concepts, are the ones who will become the “go to” people within their industries.  Once you are sought after for your ideas and solutions, you can galvanize the power and influence to affect change.

Edward Brown, M.S. is a researcher and content marketer who has built an Internet information empire by helping individuals gain power and influence within their industries. If you want to receive  up-to-date information on how content marketing can establish you as the “go to” person, get your free digital book, How to Use Content Marketing to Spread Your Word, Build Alliances and Attract Greater Revenue, at http://plr.coreedgeprivatelabelrights.com

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