Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Leverage Your Influence Through Content Marketing

Edward Brown, M.S.

Due to the motivation of Internet users to search for information, content marketers who create relevant information are indispensable. 

If you are trying to enhance your ability to tap into the needs of Internet users, researchers suggest that you follow user patterns and behavior. By looking at the Best Sellers list on Amazon and EBay as well as the most searched phrases and words on Google AdWords, you can begin tracking the interests of Internet users.

In this vein, content marketers have become social scientists. The habits of Internet users are the focal point of effective content development. So how do you use your knowledge and experience to become more influential?

By taking these simple steps, you can begin creating relevant content for Internet users.

   Become preternaturally curious. By reading periodicals throughout various industries, you can begin predicting trends that will occur in the near future. It has been said that the late Steve Jobs envisioned the IPad thirty years before its inception.  Reportedly, Jobs’ insights were influenced by art, Buddhism and a preternatural curiosity about people.  A highly inquisitive nature about how and why things operate as they do creates a desire to learn more, which positions you to develop solutions to problems that may be frustrating to others.

   Follow the research.   Have passion for the creative process for developing articles, books, videos and podcasts. However, let your data and reasoning guide you based on the behavior and search activities of Internet users. Many content marketers make the mistake by initially following their passions.  By following your passion first, your content efforts will be quashed with irrelevant material. Internet users are only concerned about their self-interest and will usually operate from that mode.

   Create a niche inside general topics. Studies suggest that when entering a general market, you should go one level deep. For example, if you enter the leadership development domain, choose Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership or Charismatic Leadership as possible niches within leadership development.  Specializing within a niche provides better advantage for influence than merely becoming a generalist.  Although you have to educate your market, it is better to tackle new ground rather than old ground that has been stepped on numerously.
    Creating relevant Internet content to satisfy user needs is essential for gaining influence on the Internet.  Stay curious, follow the research and create sub-niches within a domain and you will be well on your way to becoming a force to be reckoned with.   

    Edward Brown, M.S. is a researcher and content marketer who has built an Internet information empire by helping individuals gain power and influence within their industries.

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