Thursday, September 4, 2014

Information Product Company Packages Charisma

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September 4, 2014

12:00PM (EST)

Atlanta, GA—September 4, 2014---Would you believe that charisma can be packaged? One company believes so. Core Edge Private Label Rights (a subsidiary of Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute) recently developed a website where visitors can license the rights to its  information from “How to Become More Charismatic” to “The Core Charisma Dating System.” Essentially, Core Edge is opening up its vault to the public by allowing visitors to license its products and claim these products as their own. Although private label rights isn’t a new concept, Core Edge believes specialty information for web copy, newsletters and digital books can be a cottage industry for small companies who want to compete against Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Simon & Schuster. 

Core Edge Private Label Rights founder, Edward Brown, says, “In today’s market, there are less than 5 giants within any industry.  If you are not one of these giants, you are operating from a position of weakness. To compete effectively, you have to create a small niche and allow customers to claim the product as their own. In Core Edge’s case, we are creating specialty information products and allowing the public to take full control over our intellectual property. Imagine Apple allowing smaller companies to license their technology as their own. That would never happen. We see an opportunity to thrive in this space.”

Founded in 2002, Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute is a research and development company that focuses on helping individuals build influence and power within organizations.

For more information on Core Edge Private Label Rights, visit: or call: (678) 698-3386


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