Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wellness Company to Release a Mobile APP that Helps People Reach Their Health and Fitness Goals

ATLANTA, Georgia-January 7, 2015-Celestial Bodies Nutrition & Wellness Center (CelBod) announced today that it has created the Strong Arm Fitness Reminder (SAFR) app to help individuals improve their health and fitness goals by having their own digital drill instructor at the ready on their  smartphone. Each year, millions of people make resolutions to improve their health and fitness only to fall short within the first month of the New Year. SAFR has functionality that permits users to receive text or audible messages in any language to achieve a specific diet, exercise or medical goal. This functionality allows for any message from a gentle reminder to a full out assertive command based on the user’s setting preference. CelBod created this app to supplement the numerous diet and nutritional plans currently on the market. SAFR is a response to individuals that have not developed the necessary discipline to follow through on their fitness resolutions. SAFR acts as another voice to ensure that user’s eat properly, exercise at designated times and take their prescribed medication. 

“I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel by creating another diet and exercise plan. There are a number of diet plans on the market that people try and eventually give up, because they lack the discipline and internal fortitude to eat properly and exercise regularly,” said SAFR designer Celeste Chance. “As an IFBB Fitness Professional and owner of Celestial Bodies Nutrition & Wellness Center, I know how challenging it is for my clients to stay on schedule and maintain the exercise regimen that I provide for them. Since I can’t always be there around the clock, particularly around late night snacking, I thought a mobile app could serve as an effective stand-in for me. Being healthy and fit is serious business, but we tried to make some of the reminder messages humorous to make the experience more enjoyable.”

Just in time for the start of the New Year, SAFR will be available January 31, 2015 through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Apps.

Celestial Bodies Nutrition and Wellness Center (CelBod) has been in business since 1994. CelBod products and services focus on health, nutrition, wellness and airbrush tanning. The staff at CelBod has over forty years combined of professional experience in the wellness industry.

For more information on the Strong Arm Fitness Reminder, contact: celeste@celbod.com or call: (202) 431-1411.